Which Acne Treatments Actually Work?

Are you still wondering why is it that you cannot seem to find the ‘right’ acne treatment? For those who have had frustrating experiences when using name-brands for skin acne, it is like throwing good money after products that never seem to work. We are well aware of the horrors and sad tales of those who are suffering from this embarrassing and annoying skin condition. Skin acne can affect our self-confidence and lead to poor self-image. What makes matters worse is that as much as 95 percent of acne products in the market today don’t work contrary to claims by the companies that make them.

Choosing the right acne treatment is not as simple as it may seem. There are literally hundreds of acne treatments in the market today and you have to learn how to separate the grain from the chaff. So, how will you be able to find the acne treatment that actually works? At AcneCreamReviews.com, men and women will be able to save their time and money by leading them straight to the acne solutions that can really control and treat their skin problem.

Which Acne Treatments Work Best?

So, how did AcneCreamReviews.com come up with their best acne treatments? More than 30 different products were evaluated by its team of skincare experts for a period of more than 24 months. These different skin acne products were evaluated based on the following factors:


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  • Analysis of skincare experts – Each of these skin acne treatments were rated based on overall value, quality of ingredients, user satisfaction and long term results.
  • User reviews and testimonials – The research team has collated various user reviews and testimonials to determine the actual performance of each of the products that were evaluated based on the feedback of those that have actually used these products.
#1 Murad Acne Complex


murad acne system

This 3-tier acne treatment system was developed by Dr. Howard Murad, a renowned researcher in the field of skincare. This proprietary acne treatment program consists of a Skin Perfecting Lotion, an Exfoliating Treatment Gel and a Clarifying Cleanser. The treatment regimen involves 2 applications daily – one in the morning and another in the evening. Notwithstanding the claim of 90-percent success rate in just 4 weeks on the company’s website, our research team has not found results of any clinical study performed to validate such claim.

#2 Zenmed Acne Treatment


zenmed acne system

ZenMed Derma Cleanse is a 3-step program that is used for the prevention and treatment of skin acne. This skincare program is comprised of products for skin cleansing, treatment and prevention of skin acne. In addition to the skin cleansing product and the treatment gel, ZenMed also comes with an herbal capsule which acts internally in preventing future acne breakouts. Despite the impressive claims about the systemic action of certain acne treatments, such claims have not yet been clinically proven.

#3 Exposed Acne System


exposed acne system

The Exposed Acne System is a treatment regimen the combines both the wonders of nature and science in addressing the 4 main triggers of skin acne. The company behind this skincare system guarantees a clearer skin in just 30 days.

Based on the information posted on the company’s website, the Exposed Acne System was developed by a team of naturopaths, cosmetologists and dermatologists. The implication is that the skin acne system adopts a unique treatment approach that does not only eliminate skin acne but also prevent the recurrence of the skin problem.

Acne Treatment Reviews

The successful treatment of skin acne can be a major struggle for adolescents and even for adult men and women. It can come to a point where one sees the hunt for the right treatment of these skin blemishes as something that is right up the alley of rocket science.

Why is acne treatment such a frustrating challenge for a lot of people? Each one of us responds differently when using different acne treatments. It all depends on our skin type as well as the specific acne treatment system that we are using. Thus, a specific acne treatment that worked well for one individual may not necessarily produce the same positive results for another person. In fact, it can even make the skin condition much worse.

We cannot stress it enough that each of these acne products and supplements produces different results for different skin conditions. It is logical that you have to use products that are indicated for blackheads if your condition involves more blackheads than pimples. On the other hand, one would have to consider a potent acne product instead of another treatment with gentle formula if he or she is suffering from a severe case of cystic acne. Additionally, we should also take note of the fact that the skin problem is as much an internal condition as it is an external condition. This is what makes it extremely overwhelming to some people.

There are times when friends and family members with noble intentions will advise us to use certain products and supplements that gave them positive results in the past. We get overly excited and are easily convinced in trying the alleged skin acne cure recommended by them only to be excessively frustrated and disappointed. In other instances, we easily fall for those impressive infomercials and skin acne treatment kits which are sold in drugstores. It is also the same frustrating experience when we hunt down the ‘best’ skin acne cure and remedies on the Internet. The skin condition can actually continue to deteriorate before things get any better even when one consults his or her dermatologist.

Firstly, we have to understand that there are practically hundreds of skin acne treatments in the market today and searching for the right treatment is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Your range of choices includes creams, gels, cleansers, masks, pills and patches. There are acne products that promise quick results and even go as far as promising a clear skin overnight. There are also certain supplements that are supposed to get a pockmarked skin to its unblemished condition. A good number of these products and supplements are pure duds or outright scams.

Thus, before you make your final choice, it is imperative that you are armed with the essential information and data that can help you pinpoint the acne treatment system that is suited to your skin condition. You can get these information and data by reading reviews and testimonials for various skin acne treatment systems. You must have a good grip of the actual severity of your skin problem and be conscious of possible allergic reactions when using specific treatment systems. Suffice it to say, you need to avoid products that contain ingredients that are proven to be hazardous or unsafe as well as those ingredients at unsafe levels.

The bottom line is that the search for the ‘right’ skin acne treatment can be fruitless and you would most likely not be able to find the acne treatment that you actually need if you don’t have access to relevant information and data. The reviews of the various treatment systems that are featured in our website will help you make a more informed choice. The information and data are focused on the quality of each of these products, track record of the companies that manufacture and distribute them and the pros and cons of these treatment systems and products. You will gain access to certain information and data that even these companies are not willing to share to consumers. In this way, you can save a lot of money and time when you are armed with the necessary information and data when buying a skin acne treatment.